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Want Even More Fun? How About Some Extra Musicians?

Updated: Jan 22

I have lots of great musician friends who also believe in the incredible joy and healing that music can bring.

Most of them improvise like me and are an absolute joy to play along with (and listen to).

Experienced Musicians Available now


  • Arlene (plays beautifully and is also a band director with a music degree. She is the technician and expert in the group. She also plays piccolo and multiple other instruments.)

  • Carre (accomplished beautiful player with lots of experience performing. She also plays piccolo and alto flute).

  • Brenda (natural jazz musician and blues player).

Master Keyboard players

  • CJ, (music director at church, teacher and plays wonderfully.)

  • Vicki (beautiful player with professional experience and plays so much music that baby boomers love.

  • Pam (beautiful player also with years of experience directing and playing music for churches). Also, can done some beautiful recordings.

Sax Player - Diane, Bob,

Violinists - Ann (absolutely gorgeous player and can improvise like crazy. Sue (also great player with lots of experience playing with orchestras, small groups and bands.).

Guitarist - Wendy and Angela

(great rhythm guitar players who also sing and are a joy to watch and play along with

Josh - Amazing singer and musician

And last but not least... There is also a new group called the Baby Boomin' Flutists..

This group is separate from my regular business and we are booking programs now for April going forward, I've started a Facebook group for it and you can request for info or a program there.

Right now, it includes Arlene and Carre (see above) and my lucky self. I am always honored to play with these wonderful musicians..

Just go to the group page and request a free program. Stay tuned as there is more to come.

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