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Flute Lessons

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Introduction to Flute Playing

Become acquainted with your flute, learn proper technique and breath control, understand the basics of finger placement and pressure, and more.

30 minutes


Single Lesson

If this is your first session, Valerie will gauge your experience level and recommend a plan for moving forward.


(Requires an Introduction session, or prior knowledge of flute playing.)

60 minutes

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Discounted Packages

You must have booked at least one session (Introduction or Single Session) with Valerie prior to purchasing a package of lessons.

5 Lessons

(Package Discount)

Save 10%

Focus on assembly, fingering and proper blowing into the instrument. Introduction to instruction books, rhythm, etc.

20 Lessons

(Package Discount)

Save 15%

Intermediate students will fine tune skills and continue developing ear training and skills/intervals.

40 Lessons

(Package Discount)

Save 20%

Advanced students will practice advanced music, adding harmonies, and writing/creating songs.

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"Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul." - Plato

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