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More discounts in 2024 and Change of Business Status

Happy New Years. New for this year is a better accounting system and more discounts.. In 2023, I introduced corporate discounts (centers under the same company all get the same current discount rate.).

Now, in addition to corporate discounts, I am offering a 60% discount for having programs the same day in different areas (for example, a program in Independent Living followed by a program in Assisted Living or Memory Care), Both programs get the 60% off. The same applies to programs at Child Care Centers.

As my business grows with other venues, (weddings, parties, etc.) I will be giving discounts for them as well.

Effective January 1st, I am now an LLC business entity and will be sending new W9’s out of all of you.

I am also changing the discount structure to add more discounts with less programs.

And finally, for every referral you make to another center, company or entity of my programs gets you 20% off the next program.

Have a wonderful day

Val (and Zumi)

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