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You CAN Play Music by Ear and Improvise

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Playing by ear and improvising sounds hard! I know great musicians who think they can't do it. I never dreamed I could either, but one day, I got one of my study books out and started practicing the scales and exercises in every key.

This allowed me to be able to tell the key of what I was listening to by playing just a few notes. Everyone knows that scales are key (pun intended). It's not just the scales though... it's the

intervals between the notes that really set you free. That makes it much easier to jump around and play different notes.

I'll be adding video demos of how to harmonize and play by ear. You will love what you are able to do. If it is hard at first, don't worry. I'll walk you through it and you will get there. Generally speaking, scales and intervals, etc. aren't fun. But I can share ways to make them fun.

So, let's have some fun together!

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