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New 2023 Program Discounts for "Seniors and Kids" - Act Now!!!

Updated: Jan 23

Currently, discounts for new customers have been based on the number of programs per location, per year and virtual programs have been the same rate as on-site. (See prices under the "book program" links on the website)

New for 2023:

Effective, January 1, centers under the same company will receive discounts collectively. For example: If 6 different centers under the same company each book a program within the same calendar year, each center will receive the discount for 6 programs. This can result in significant savings for both the parent company and the centers. Please include your company name, address and contact phone number when booking programs.

The same company discount applies to virtual programs and those with extra musicians and over 100 miles away.

Virtual programs will now be discounted by 25%

Extra Musicians and locations over 100 miles away: Call for rates.

Rates for other services I provided will remain the same for now.

If you already negotiated a different rate with me, that can remain the same for now as well.

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